Digital Clips for Literacy- The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower can be found on You Tube and the Literacy Shed- in the Fairy Tale shed. There’s no dialogue which makes it even more useful in the classroom. Before we watched the clip I asked pupils some Thinkers Key’s questions to get them thinking imaginatively: 1. Draw or write how you get into […]

Using Digital Clips for Literacy- Lucky Dip

The Lucky Dip The Lucky Dip is an excellent short film clip that can be used in numerous ways throughout the curriculum. I used it for Year 3 settings, dialogue and play scripts and also went onto art and maths with a lucky dip theme! These are my top ideas of what you can do […]

The Best Apps for Babies!

It’s headline news that professionals in the medical profession and even some teachers do not recommend allowing young children to use tablets but when you have a baby that just won’t stop crying until they get their hands and your iPhone then you give in! These are my daughters favourite apps which are also slightly educational: […]

Managing work on the iPad

Managing work on the iPad

Currently we have a great system to distribute work to pupils via our Frog VLE but unfortunately Frog 0.3 is not fully compatible with the iPad and pupils have been unable to send their work back to us via the platform. So we have been relying on our school email for pupils to hand in […]

Marking work on the iPad

Marking work on the iPad

Six months after our iPad distribution the project was already on its way to being a huge success through the eyes of pupils, teachers and most parents. However I still wanted to see if we could improve the way in which we use the iPads for teaching and learning. Distribution of work to pupils had […]

Distribution of iPads: Reception to Year 6

This is an attempt to summarise a huge task  into a short story! In less than two weeks we managed to distribute 400 iPads to pupils from the age of 4 to 11. Their associated/corresponding iTunes accounts had been set up during the summer and every pupil received a letter entailing their account details and […]

Literacy Trust Conference ‘Improving Reading and Writing through ICT’

Pie Corbett spoke about how ICT can be used to help pupils develop the language they need to write successfully, he encourages the use of videos, photos and images in class to help with vocabulary development and to help fuel imaginations. We participated in a few of his games ‘League of Locus’ for collective nouns, […]

Frog Conference ‘Improving teaching and learning through learning platforms’

I attened the FROG Conference in Birmingham in June and this is a snap shot of what I learned! There are free backgrounds available to FROG users on the community site in the technical support area. There are videos with instructions on how to use workspaces on the community site. i am Learning can be integrated […]

Visit to Cedars School of Excellence

In May I went to visit Cedars School of Excellence to discuss how they had rolled out iPads to all of their pupils. It was great to get answers from teachers that have already embarked on this journey and it gave me a sense of reassurance that it could be managed. Although Cedars is a small […]

VLE in house training day

We have been using Moodle for  few years and we have recently purchased Frog. We never had a whole school INSET day for Moodle so not all teachers have had the chance to use it. For Frog we decided to give everyone an opportunity to learn how to use it, admin staff, TAs and all […]