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I have now been to two Educational Apple events and both were extremely professional and very convincing; you came out wanting to work for Apple.
The first was a Primary event in Paris, not only was I impressed by their office location and the view but also by the teachers presenting there. It was a short event with a few Apple speakers explaining how successful the iPad has already been in schools and how it’s  going to become an essential product in every school kid’s bag:

  • It’s quick and easy to use with a battery that last all day.
  • There is a huge range of educational apps on offer for teachers and pupils from the Apple School section and iTunes U.
  • It will replace a student’s pencil case, notepads, books, calculator and dictionary, making their bag lighter and reduce medical issues.
  •  The iPad will provide every child with access to the internet as well as a means to record data.

One of the teachers that spoke, Pierre Tourette from the Academy Creteil in France was very inspiring and he explained how he’s been working in a school with 15 iPads and teaching groups of children. He gave examples of how he’d used the iPad to teach  five classes from years 4-6:

  • Using the calculator and dictionary
  • To look at documents maps, books, internet without the need to photocopy
  • Multimedia podcasts to help teach languages and music
  • Independent learning in maths with apps that can differentiate learning as well as assess progression
  • Play games and interactive activities to help learn verbs, all practical work can be saved on the ipad
  • Mirror Paint app to help pupils understand symmetry in maths.

These are some other apps he recommended: Keynote, Pages, Comic Life, iMovie, eBook creator.

The second event was for schools thinking about opting for the iPad, which was in London. The consultant we spoke to was extremely informative and again very convincing. He showed us a video of Cedar School in Scotland where all pupils are using iPads. Unlike the event in Paris where Apple said the ipad will not replace the computer in London they were very confident that it would, the only exception would be for web design work and music production.
These are some of the apps he recommended:
Brushes, National Geographic World Atlas, Popplet lite, Show me, Explain Everything and Sink pad

Some of my Favourite Apps




If you are looking for apps try these websites:


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