Distribution of iPads: Reception to Year 6

This is an attempt to summarise a huge task  into a short story!

In less than two weeks we managed to distribute 400 iPads to pupils from the age of 4 to 11. Their associated/corresponding iTunes accounts had been set up during the summer and every pupil received a letter entailing their account details and answers to the security questions.

For years 5 and 6 it was decided we’d complete the set up of the iPads with the pupils. Each pupils received three iTunes vouchers of 15€ for Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Book Creator, Popplet, iMovie and NotesPlus. The free apps Pic Collage and iBooks were also installed. We had just under two hours for each session and we completed three sessions a day. It all sounds fairly straight forward, especially as some of the apps were going to be installed at home to avoid an issue with the wifi network for the next session.

Half way through the session extra security questions popped up and we had to advise pupils how to answer these and record their answers for future reference. We also had issues with the wifi which again slowed us down. The pupils were great. They really listened to all the instructions and asked some excellent questions.

All the pupils were given a demonstration of how Book Creator worked and they all left the session with our AUP downloaded from our Frog VLE and saved in iBooks on their iPad.

For the distribution to Year 4 and below we asked the parents to come into school to help us. It was great to get them involved and it was a real eye opener as to how much work had gone into the protect. In Years 3 and 4 pupils received 30€ as they didn’t have Numbers or Popplet installed from our list of core apps. Like the older pupils Years 3 and 4  had a demonstration of Book Creator but they also took part in an interactive session with Pic College.

We followed a similar procedure with KS1 and the interactive sessions were done in the classroom with the parents watching. Year 2 made a Popplet on materials, linked to their science topic and Year 1 and Reception made a screen saver with their name on photo on it using Pic Collage.

It was an excellent experience for me to teach every child in the school from Year 6 to Reception and now I’m known by some pupils  in Year 2 as the ‘iPad Hero’!

As it seemed like all the hard work had been done and we’d made a a superb achievement I quickly realised that it was just the beginning of a long and challenging journey!


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