Literacy Trust Conference ‘Improving Reading and Writing through ICT’

Pie Corbett spoke about how ICT can be used to help pupils develop the language they need to write successfully, he encourages the use of videos, photos and images in class to help with vocabulary development and to help fuel imaginations. We participated in a few of his games ‘League of Locus’ for collective nouns, […]

Frog Conference ‘Improving teaching and learning through learning platforms’

I attened the FROG Conference in Birmingham in June and this is a snap shot of what I learned! There are free backgrounds available to FROG users on the community site in the technical support area. There are videos with instructions on how to use workspaces on the community site. i am Learning can be integrated […]

Visit to Cedars School of Excellence

In May I went to visit Cedars School of Excellence to discuss how they had rolled out iPads to all of their pupils. It was great to get answers from teachers that have already embarked on this journey and it gave me a sense of reassurance that it could be managed. Although Cedars is a small […]

Apple and the iPad

I have now been to two Educational Apple events and both were extremely professional and very convincing; you came out wanting to work for Apple. The first was a Primary event in Paris, not only was I impressed by their office location and the view but also by the teachers presenting there. It was a […]

BETT Education Show in London

Last week I attended the BETT Education Show in London,  it was my first time at BETT and I was extremely surprised to find that there was no wifi access available at the biggest educational technology show in the UK, after speaking to regular BETT attendees they informed me that the wifi never works at […]