Frog Conference ‘Improving teaching and learning through learning platforms’

I attened the FROG Conference in Birmingham in June and this is a snap shot of what I learned!

  • There are free backgrounds available to FROG users on the community site in the technical support area.
  • There are videos with instructions on how to use workspaces on the community site.
  • i am Learning can be integrated into FROG, this is a website I have used in the past with Moodle which pupils love, but it’s not free.
  • I found out for the first time about sumdog, another games website which pupils can have accounts for. I tried this one out with my year group and it was extremely popular. Navigating the site is not that easy though and not all of their features are accessible for free.

I also solved a few problemsd of my own as I found out how to change the email signature on the pupils site and how to moderate the socail media posts.



  1. Hi

    I am the e-Learning Development Manager for Kennet School, a large secondary school in Berkshire. We are looking at moving over to Frog Learn in the not too distant future and I just wondered if you are on it and if you had any tips. It seems more restrictive that Frog 3.

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