Literacy Trust Conference ‘Improving Reading and Writing through ICT’

Pie Corbett spoke about how ICT can be used to help pupils develop the language they need to write successfully, he encourages the use of videos, photos and images in class to help with vocabulary development and to help fuel imaginations. We participated in a few of his games ‘League of Locus’ for collective nouns, ‘Salty Umbrella’ for using nouns and prepositions. He recommended Jonathan Carroll’s blog, as he adds new images every day which could be used in class. He reminded us how important it is to look for metaphor, similes and alliteration when discussing vocabulary with pupils. Since the conference I have signed up to the Talk4writing network, which give tips and examples of how to get the most out of our pupils.

The second part of the conference was with David Mitchell, a very inspiring deputy head teacher from Bolton. He discussed how blogging has given the pupils in his year 6 class a purpose to write and they had become so excited about literacy and full of ideas and reasons to express themselves.

Both David and Pie demonstrated the use of Coveritlive, Pie virtually worked with a group of pupils from David’s school in real time, it was an amazing demonstration and we saw how it could be used by any school to help the imagination and vocabulary development of pupils. I will be looking forward to trying it out myself!

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