Managing work on the iPad

Managing work on the iPad

Currently we have a great system to distribute work to pupils via our Frog VLE but unfortunately Frog 0.3 is not fully compatible with the iPad and pupils have been unable to send their work back to us via the platform. So we have been relying on our school email for pupils to hand in their work.

My preference as a teacher is to mark work with pupils, see my previous blog post on marking work on the iPad which is particularly useful if pupils still need time to edit and improve their work. Unfortunately French teachers in our school do not have time in their 30 minute lessons to mark work with the pupils so they often have to mark the completed task after its been emailed to them and then email it back to the pupil. This task could become quite time consuming for some: open the email, save the document into the chosen app, mark the piece of work, send it back to the pupil by email.

I’ve been looking for a document management app to speed up this whole process and save teachers time. First I looked at Dropbox then elocker and finally Box. I couldn’t really see how using any of these apps would actually save time off the system we were already using as you still have to open pupils work in another app to mark it.

The app Showbie on the other hand ticks all the boxes. Pupils can upload completed tasks, work can be marked traditionally with written comments or orally which is fantastic for the younger pupils. They can then receive their feedback- all this in one app and without the use of email.

Showbie have an excellent support page on their website and once you’ve installed the app there’s a range of step by step videos which explain all the features of the app. Showbie is definitely my choice for the managing and collaboration of pupils work on the iPad.


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