The Best Apps for Babies!

It’s headline news that professionals in the medical profession and even some teachers do not recommend allowing young children to use tablets but when you have a baby that just won’t stop crying until they get their hands and your iPhone then you give in!
These are my daughters favourite apps which are also slightly educational:
Play kids– the free version as the paid version is very expensive around 30€ a month! Most videos are locked on the free version but you can use the play area. My daughter loves the memory games and she’s starting to name the objects in the pictures. There’s also animal flashcards with the name and sound of the animal and a keyboard. All great for train journeys!

The other apps she likes are made by Banana Apps Kids, although again most of the activities are locked with the free version and this one does have advertising, which is quite annoying as my daughter often presses on the advert by mistake and then gets all upset when it interrupts her concentration! Again she’s likes the memory card games with the animal sounds and names. You can pay to remove the advertising which is worth doing for the apps your child uses a lot.

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