Digital Clips for Literacy- The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower can be found on You Tube and the Literacy Shed- in the Fairy Tale shed.

There’s no dialogue which makes it even more useful in the classroom.
Before we watched the clip I asked pupils some Thinkers Key’s questions to get them thinking imaginatively:
1. Draw or write how you get into a castle without going through the door?
2. Why is Cinderella crying?
3. The answer is Prince Charming, what’s the question?

We then predicted the setting and characters for the Clock Tower.

After watching the clip I asked:

How the setting changed?

Who lived in the homes in the town?

Why is the dancer in the Clock Tower?

Why did the film maker change the colour of the film to black and white?

Is it a fairy tale?

Does it have a sad or happy ending?

How we used the clip:

We saved screen shots of the film and shared them with the pupils, they used these to make a trailer on iMovie which summarised the story.

The pupils then wrote a prequel to The Clock Tower which they produced with Puppet Pals.

They were extremely interested in the whole unit of work and produced outstanding results!


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