Visit to Cedars School of Excellence

In May I went to visit Cedars School of Excellence to discuss how they had rolled out iPads to all of their pupils. It was great to get answers from teachers that have already embarked on this journey and it gave me a sense of reassurance that it could be managed. Although Cedars is a small school and quite different to my school it was really useful to speak to teachers about how they’re using the iPads, particularly  the teachers in Key Stage 1.

 We had a session with their art teacher @joakley135 who was so inspirational that I couldn’t wait to start painting on my iPad. She recommended a number of apps for art: Drawing with text, Art Grid, Scrapbook, Toon Face, and Brushes are just a few.  She explained how the iPad had become an important tool in the art department as pupils could practise their skills with confidence and ease before painting or drawing using traditional methods.

We were given a demonstration by children in Key Stage 1 and their favourite apps were:

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